We are foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons well-known in the field of sports injuries.

We created the Vero AnkleTM brace with our patients in mind to recover faster and reduce the re-injury rate.

We are a team of medical experts and product developers with over 100 years of combined experience in the field of foot and ankle specialization.


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Our Journey

As renowned foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons specializing in sports injuries, we've witnessed a troubling trend over two decades – increasing re-injury rates after ankle sprains, leading to more surgical interventions.
Existing ankle braces fell short of meeting our patients' needs. They were either too rigid and bulky, hindering normal function, or resembled glorified socks, offering inadequate support.
In response, we established the "Five Star Criteria" for the perfect brace: comfortable, well-fitting, easy to use, low-profile for footwear compatibility, and flexible support for controlled ankle movement. Our patented Vero Ankle brace embodies these criteria, offering a 21st-century solution. Proudly, we recommend it to our patients.


Reinventing Recovery

This revolutionary brace is for athletes, weekend warriors, those on the road to recovery, and individuals looking for extra ankle support for everyday activities. The Vero AnkleTM brace is low profile and fits inside your shoe like a second skin to deliver extra mobility and help protect against common ankle issues.


We couldn’t find ideal brace so we created our own

Over the last 20 years, we have seen an increase in re-injury rates after an ankle
sprain, with more patients requiring surgery.

Our view is that ankle bracing could reduce the re-injury rate, but we could not
find one that met the needs of our patients.



The word ve•ro means perfect in Italian. It also translates to true, real, and genuine. Vero AnkleTM is the perfect name for the first truly anatomically designed ankle orthosis. Our elastomeric technology replicates natural healthy ankle ligaments and provides real support.

Vero Img
Vero Img

Adaptable Hinge Feature

Tailored to align with your ankle's natural ligament constraints, ensuring precise and proper support

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Modular Stirrups Feature

Provide vital initial support for severe ankle injuries, and as healing progresses, customize strap adjustments for a snug fit.

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A single brace for each stage of recovery. Add or remove the padded inserts depending on the level of support you need.

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Breathable Design

With perforated holes, the boot ensures airflow, preventing the perspiration buildup and skin irritation often caused by traditional braces

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The perfect balance between support and mobility. BioMemoryTM material keeps you protected while staying active.

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Our simple velcro strapping system allows you to adjust your fit on the fly. No more knots or spaghetti laces

Designed With Humans In Mind

Comfortable, low profile, flexible and easy to put on, the Vero AnkleTM brace is simply the best ankle brace for those who move. Whether you’re recovering from an ankle sprain, require extra support for your day-to-day, or want to boost your performance the Vero Ankle brace delivers. Made with flexible BioMemory material that returns to its original shape with every movement giving you an extra boost with every step. Can be worn on either foot.
our patented design mimics natural ligament function which allows you to move normally while resist extreme range of motion that could cause further damage. The Vero AnkleTM brace is the first of its kind to offer comfort, support, simplicity, and performance in a single solution.

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The Vero AnkleTM Brace is perfect for

Weekend Enthusiasts

Energetic individuals chasing exhilaration during their off-hours.

Blue-collar Resilience

Those whose professions demand intense physical exertion, requiring robust ankle support.

Everyday Achievers

Individuals seeking consistent support in their daily routines.

Recovery Warriors

Individuals on the path to healing from injuries, craving dependable support

Orthopedic & Physiotherapy Professionals

leading experts that can recommend the The Vero AnkleTM Brace to their patients.

Weekend Enthusiasts:

Energetic individuals chasing exhilaration during their off-hours.

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The ankle brace designed to get you back into action faster and supercharge your performance.

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