Although the Vero Ankle brace may be used for injury prevention
and rehabilitation from ankle injuries, no ankle brace is able prevent all
ankle injuries and no guarantee is made either express or implied that any
injury will be prevented by the Vero Ankle brace. Vero Ankle braces are
designed for use only on the ankle. Do not use for any other part of the body.
Any alteration or application other than that illustrated is misuse of the
ankle brace. The manufacture will not be liable for injuries or damages
resulting from misuse or misapplication of Vero Ankle braces.


The guidance, instructions and recommendations provided on this website
and other Vero Ankle packaging and materials is provided for informational and
educational purposes only. It is intended to provide doctors and physical
therapists with information regarding best practices in caring for and treating
patients with ankle injuries or for the possible prevention of ankle injuries.

Following any recommendations in this guidance will not guarantee
successful treatment in every circumstance. Furthermore, the recommendations,
instruction and guidance contained herein should not be interpreted as setting
a standard of care or be deemed inclusive of all proper methods of care nor
exclusive of other methods of care reasonably directed to obtaining the same

The ultimate judgment regarding any specific therapy must be made by your
physician and you as the patient. In light of all the possible circumstances
presented by individual patients, and the known variety of and biological
behavior of the possible medical conditions, Rubber City Brace Co. LLC
encourages you to consult a physician for the best possible prevention and
rehabilitation regimen, unique to your situation.

The guidance, instruction and recommendations we are providing, and the
accompanying conclusions and recommendations reflect the best available
information at the time this guidance has been prepared. The results of future
studies may require revisions to the recommendations in this guidance to
reflect new data.

Rubber City Brace Co. LLC does not warrant the accuracy or completeness
of the guidance and assumes no responsibility for any injury or damage to
persons or property arising out of or related to any use of this guidance,
instructions, or recommendations or for any errors or omissions.

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