Ankle Brace & Support For Football

Become the MVP of your team by giving your 100% on the field with Vero Ankle™ football ankle braces. Keep your ankle injury-free no matter how intense the game gets.

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Football Ankle Brace For Every Ankle Condition

In a physically demanding game like football, players are always at risk of injuring their ankles. While there are plenty of ankle wraps for football players available in the market, Vero Ankle™ braces stand apart from the competition because of their effective design and versatility. Whether you want an ankle protector that football players usually wear or something to provide more stability to your ankle joint - a Vero Ankle™ brace is all you need.

The adaptable hinge feature in our football ankle brace is specially designed to align with your ankle’s natural ligament constraints, offering precise and better support. Also, if you are recovering from an ankle sprain, these braces will offer enough compression to the affected area to accelerate the healing process. The modular design of the braces supports all stages of recovery. Also, the flexible material used in the braces keeps your ankle protected during intense activities.

The Vero Ankle™ - Best Ankle Brace & Support For Football

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It is difficult to pay attention to your game if you are constantly worried about getting injured. Since ankle injury is quite common in football, you need something that can protect your ankle at all times while boosting your performance during the game. The Vero Ankle™ has come up with the best football ankle brace that offers dynamic stability to your ankle, prohibiting movements past the safe range of motion.
The adjustable design of our ankle braces lets you find the perfect fit for your ankle so that your ankle gets the necessary support it needs throughout the game. Also, the elastomers used in the braces function dynamically when tensioned. Unlike traditional braces, the Vero Ankle braces improve your performance by taking off additional load from your ankle and reducing the risk of injury. This explains why top athletes and physicians recommend our braces.

Fit and Function

The Vero Ankle™ football ankle brace is designed to provide maximum support to your ankle while you engage in an intense game of football. The BioMemory™ materials used in the braces mimic the shape of your feet to give better compression on the ankle and improve stability without compromising your performance. The elastomers used in the braces stretch dynamically only when there is tension on the ankle, offering better fit and functionality.

The breathable materials in the braces allow proper airflow to the area, preventing perspiration buildup and skin irritation. Moreover, the braces function like modern-day running shoes, giving you an extra boost by storing and releasing energy when put under stress. Every football ankle brace from Vero Ankle™ is designed with the performance factor in mind. And the best part is that they can be worn on both ankles.

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How Vero Ankle™ Football Braces Stand Out?

There are several factors that separate Vero Ankle™ football ankle braces from traditional ankle tapes and braces.

Designed for Comfort:

The BioMemory™ material used in the braces offers a perfect fit by taking the shape of your ankle. Moreover, the removable inserts and breathable material prioritize comfort


While you get the right amount of support and stability from our football ankle braces, they are also extremely effective in helping you recover from ankle sprains and injuries.

Easy to Use:

These ankle wraps for football come with velcro straps, which make them easy to adjust. Also, the low profile of the braces allows you to wear your favorite shoes over them.

Reduced Risk of Injury:

Wearing Vero Ankle™ braces during a high-intensity football game offers more stability to your ankle, keeping the ankle from rolling beyond the safe range.

Enhanced Performance:

These ankle braces display the same functions as modern-day running shoes. They store and release energy when put under stress and give an extra push during an intense game.

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Universal Design

Fits both left and right feet of all shapes and sizes
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Dynamic Stability

Keeps ankle joints stable and safe during activities
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BioMemory™ Material

Returns to original shape with every movement
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Enhanced Performance

Stores and releases energy for an extra boost
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Elastomeric Boot

Stretches under tension and offers a snug fit
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Low Profile

Fits inside shoes and cleats without any hassle
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Perforated boot to keep the foot cool and sweat-free
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Adjustable Support

Add or remove stirrups as per your support needs
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Our simple velcro strapping system allows you to adjust your fit on the fly. No more knots or spaghetti laces.

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The perfect balance between support and mobility. BioMemoryTM material keeps you protected while staying active

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A single brace for each stage of recovery. Add or remove the padded inserts depend-ing on the level of support you need

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FAQs about Ankle Brace For Football

Do Ankle Braces Help in Football?

Ankle braces are extremely useful to football players, as they are always at risk of ankle injury. These ankle braces stabilize their ankles and restrict extreme rotation of the joints. Such braces reduce the risk of ankle injuries and help recover a person who has previously sustained an ankle sprain or an acute ankle injury.

Do You Wear a Sock Over or Under an Ankle Brace?

It is recommended that you wear a sock underneath an ankle brace. The sock helps protect your skin, prevents blisters or sores in the area, and keeps your skin dry. If you are wearing a traditional brace, it is better to wear a sock that extends past the top of the ankle brace. However, the Vero Ankle™ braces are made of breathable materials that are gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation.

Is It Okay to Wear an Ankle Brace All Day?

You should wear an ankle brace throughout the day only if your physio or doctor has advised you to do so. They usually ask you to wear it all day if you have severe ankle pain, but only for the first few weeks. In all other cases, ankle braces are recommended to be worn only during activities where you are likely to roll or twist your ankle.

Why Should Football Players Consider Wearing Ankle Braces?

The primary reason a lot of football players wear ankle braces during a game is to prevent ankle sprains and other acute ankle injuries. Since the game can be quite intense and put a lot of strain on the ankles, the players are always at risk of an ankle injury. By wearing ankle braces, they can protect their ankles and also help take pressure off the ankle during the game.

Is it Better to Wear Ankle Braces on Both Ankles in Football?

In football or any other sport, wearing ankle braces on both ankles is an individual decision. While a number of athletes prefer to wear an ankle brace on their dominant side, some choose to wear braces on both ankles. However, if you are advised to wear an ankle brace for recovery purposes, it is expected that you wear it on the ankle that needs recovery.