Ankle Brace For Gymnastics

Dominate the stage with a stunning performance every time you put on the Vero Ankle™ braces. Leave injury woes behind and deliver your best on every occasion.

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Gymnastics Ankle Braces: Prevent Injury & Improve Performance

Gymnastics is quite taxing - both physically and emotionally. The more complex a routine gets, the higher its injury risk becomes. The frequent landing and dismounting activities in gymnastics put a lot of strain on the lower body. While the injuries are usually mild, they can lead to chronic pain and stress fractures if left untreated. Wearing ankle braces during such activities can provide additional support to your ankle and reduce the risk of injuries.

At Vero Ankle™, we have designed a gymnastics ankle brace that offers a perfect blend of comfort and flexibility. Apart from protecting your ankle from injuries, ankle braces for gymnastics can also boost your performance by providing additional support to the joint. As your ankle remains in good shape throughout the performance, you get the confidence to deliver your best on the stage. The adjustable velcro strapping system lets you adjust the braces on the go.

The Vero Ankle™ - Best Ankle Brace & Support For Gymnasts

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While traditional lace-up braces restrict the movement of your ankle to keep it protected, the Vero Ankle™ braces offer dynamic stability. The BioMemory™ materials in these braces stretch dynamically and return to their original shape when tensioned, ensuring your ankle remains stable throughout the performance. In fact, these gymnastics ankle braces function a lot like modern-day running shoes, storing and releasing energy to give you an extra push.
If you have mild pain and soreness in the ankle area, our ankle support for gymnastics can also help you recover from the issues. These braces from Vero Ankle™ work like a charm for recovery from ankle sprains and other ankle injuries. Due to regular strain on the joint and ligaments, the ankle may get a bit inflamed. The right amount of compression from the Vero Ankle™ braces helps reduce the pain and soreness while ensuring the ankle does not receive any further injury during the gymnastics routines.

Fit and Function

The BioMemory™ materials used in our ankle braces for gymnastics can mimic the shape of your ankle and offer a snug fit all the time. While the velcro strapping system makes the braces easy to use, you also have the option to add or remove the padded inserts to decide the level of support you want for your ankle. Also, the adaptable hinge on the braces is designed to align with your ankle’s natural ligament constraints, which ensures proper support.

The perforated holes in the boot used in the braces allow enough airflow to the ankle area, preventing perspiration buildup. Even if you wear the braces for several hours, you won’t experience any skin irritation. In case you are using the braces for recovery purposes, the modular stirrups feature can provide crucial initial support for severe injuries. As the healing process progresses, you can customize the strap adjustments for the right level of compression.

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How Does the Vero Ankle™ Gymnastics Ankle Brace Stand Out?

When compared to other gymnastics ankle brace supports, the Vero Ankle™ braces have several advantages to offer. Even though most ankle braces serve the same purpose, our ankle support brace for gymnastics goes the extra mile to deliver the best experience in terms of support, flexibility, and efficiency.

Some of the highlighting features of Vero Ankle™ braces include the following:

User-Friendly Design:

Forget spaghetti straps and laces that take forever to tie. The velcro strapping system makes our braces easy to put on and easy to take off.

Dynamic Stability:

The BioMemory™ material stretches dynamically when tensioned and returns to its original shape to ensure the ankle remains stable throughout the gymnastics routine.

Additional Boost:

The elastomeric boot in our ankle support brace for gymnastics has features similar to advanced running shoes. It stores and releases energy under stress to give an extra push.

Proper Fit:

Our braces are known for offering a perfect fit. By replicating your body’s natural anatomy, the braces give you a snug fit. This gives you the right level of compression at your ankle.

Continuous Support:

Unlike the regular ankle tapes that lose their effectiveness within the first 15 minutes, the Vero Ankle™ braces provide complete support and stability throughout the performance.

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Universal Design

Fits both left and right feet of all shapes and sizes
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Dynamic Stability

Keeps ankle joints stable and safe during activities
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BioMemory™ Material

Returns to original shape with every movement
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Enhanced Performance

Stores and releases energy for an extra boost
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Elastomeric Boot

Stretches under tension and offers a snug fit
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Low Profile

Fits inside shoes and cleats without any hassle
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Perforated boot to keep the foot cool and sweat-free
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Adjustable Support

Add or remove stirrups as per your support needs
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Our simple velcro strapping system allows you to adjust your fit on the fly. No more knots or spaghetti laces.

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The perfect balance between support and mobility. BioMemoryTM material keeps you protected while staying active

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A single brace for each stage of recovery. Add or remove the padded inserts depend-ing on the level of support you need

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FAQs about Gymnastics Ankle Brace

Should Athletes Really Use Ankle Braces for Gymnastics Injuries?

Ankle braces are extremely effective in reducing the risk of ankle sprains and other acute ankle injuries during gymnastics performances. Ankle injuries are quite common in the sport of gymnastics, and they occur mostly during landings. By wearing ankle braces, you can minimize the risk of ankle injuries. Also, if you have suffered ankle injuries before, the braces can help accelerate the recovery process by providing necessary support.

What are the Most Common Injuries in Gymnastics?

In gymnastics, the athletes usually get injuries to their lower body, especially to the knee and ankle. The injuries to the lower extremity usually happen because of the landing and dismount activities. However, injuries to the upper body during gymnastics performance are not rare. Some of the most common injuries in gymnastics include the following:

  • Labral tears
  • Wrist injuries
  • ACL injuries
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Injuries to the foot and ankle
  • Muscle strain
How To Prevent Injuries in Gymnastics?

Safe training practices are essential to reduce the risk of injuries in gymnastics. It is important that you warm up before your gymnastics routine. Also, knowing the proper technique can reduce the risk of injury. You should also consider wearing ankle braces during practice, as they can stabilize your ankle and ensure that it does not get rolled or twisted badly while landing or dismounting.

How Do Ankle Braces Help While Performing Gymnastics?

Ankle braces are designed to provide external support to your ankle and stabilize the joint during intense physical activities. They keep your ankle from moving past the safe range of motion. So, when you perform gymnastics with the ankle braces on, your ankle remains in a safe position and does not get rolled or twisted. They also help minimize the stress on an already injured ankle, helping the tissues heal faster.