Ankle Brace & Support For Hiking

Take every step with confidence in your journey to the top. The Vero Ankle™ hiking ankle brace keeps your ankles protected while you hike around tough terrains on your feet.

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When You’re On The Trail, Keep Ankle Injuries Off Your Mind

Ankle sprains and acute ankle injuries are quite common among hikers as the nature of their activities puts a lot of strain on the ankle joints. Since you cannot hike with a sprained or injured ankle, it is recommended to keep your ankle stable and protected using an ankle brace for hiking. At Vero Ankle™, we have developed the best ankle brace for hiking that can improve your performance while protecting your ankle all the time.

The adjustable design of our hiking ankle brace fits your ankle perfectly. The BioMemory™ materials used in the braces mimic the shape of the foot to give you a snug fit. So, when your ankle receives some tension, the brace offers dynamic stability to the ankle, restricting the ankle’s movement within the safe range of motion. In other words, the ankle brace keeps your ankle safe without compromising on your mobility.

The Vero Ankle™ - Best Ankle Brace & Support for Hiking

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Unlike traditional ankle braces, the Vero Ankle™ braces do not limit the ankle’s safe range of motion. Our hiking ankle brace is designed specifically for hikers, keeping in mind the activities they generally perform. The elastomers used in the braces offer dynamic stability, allowing the braces to return to their original shape when tensioned. This feature ensures that your ankle remains properly functional during a long hike.
The adaptable hinge feature of the ankle support hiking braces aligns with the natural ligament constraints of your ankle so that it gets proper support during intense physical activities. As the braces reduce the risk of ankle sprains and injuries, you can focus better on hiking and enjoy the adventure to the fullest.

How Does Hiking an Ankle Brace Help Prevent Ankle Injuries?

Your ankle suffers a sprain when it rolls or twists beyond the safe range of motion, causing strain to the joint and ligaments attached to it. Since activities like hiking put a lot of strain on your ankle, it becomes susceptible to ankle sprains and other ankle injuries. When you wrap a hiking ankle brace around your ankle, it provides ample support to the joint and keeps it in a safe position throughout the duration of the activity.

The Vero Ankle™ braces offer all the benefits of traditional braces and add some more to the list. While keeping your ankle stable during the hike, the Vero Ankle™ braces offer dynamic stability to the joint. The elastomers used in the braces allow the ankle to move within the natural range of motion while preventing injuries. Moreover, the braces reduce pressure on the joint, ensuring it can endure long hikes without getting injured or sprained.

Fit and Function

The Vero Ankle™ hiking ankle brace has a universal design that makes the product ideal for ankles of all shapes and sizes. You can wear the braces on both your left and right ankles. The BioMemory™ materials in the braces take the shape of your ankle to offer the right amount of compression on the joint and the ligaments attached to it. As the ankle receives more stability, the brace does not limit its natural range of motion.

Similar to the advanced running shoes, hiking ankle support from Vero Ankle™ has the ability to store and release energy when tensioned. This gives you an additional boost while hiking, improving your performance. Moreover, these braces can be easily worn underneath your hiking boots due to their low profile. Simply put, Vero Ankle™ has developed the best ankle brace for hiking.

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Universal Design

Fits both left and right feet of all shapes and sizes
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Dynamic Stability

Keeps ankle joints stable and safe during activities
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BioMemory™ Material

Returns to original shape with every movement
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Enhanced Performance

Stores and releases energy for an extra boost
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Elastomeric Boot

Stretches under tension and offers a snug fit
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Low Profile

Fits inside shoes and cleats without any hassle
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Perforated boot to keep the foot cool and sweat-free
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Adjustable Support

Add or remove stirrups as per your support needs
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Our simple velcro strapping system allows you to adjust your fit on the fly. No more knots or spaghetti laces.

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The perfect balance between support and mobility. BioMemoryTM material keeps you protected while staying active

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A single brace for each stage of recovery. Add or remove the padded inserts depend-ing on the level of support you need

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FAQs about Ankle Brace For Hiking

Can Ankle Support Hurt My Ankle?

If you have chosen an ankle brace that does not fit properly or limits your ankle’s natural range of motion, it can do more damage than good. The braces are supposed to protect your ankle from injuries and offer enough compression to help you recover from an ankle sprain or injury. If they are too tight or too loose, your ankle becomes vulnerable to injuries.

How Do I Protect My Ankle While Hiking?

To ensure your ankle does not get injured while hiking, you need to do strength training exercises for a few months to improve ankle strength and balance. You should also consider wearing supportive ankle braces, which can stabilize your ankle even while hiking. Lastly, you should wear proper footwear that is appropriate for activities like hiking. The Vero Ankle™ braces have a low profile that allows you to wear shoes over them.

Can I Wear Ankle Brace On The Right And Left Foot While Hiking?

Your doctor or physician may advise you to wear an ankle brace during physical activities such as hiking if you have sprained or injured your ankle. In that case, you need to wear an ankle brace only on the affected ankle. However, if you want to wear such braces for additional support and stability, you can wear them on both ankles. The Vero Ankle™ braces can be worn on both the ankles.

Does Wearing An Ankle Brace For Hiking Create A Dependency Or Weaken My Ankle?

There is a misconception that wearing ankle braces during hiking or other high-intensity physical activities can potentially weaken the ankles by limiting the joint’s natural range of motion necessary to keep the muscles strong. However, there are no clinical studies to support this theory. If you are in doubt, consult your doctor or physician to know if you wear ankle braces for hiking or not.